Meet our Team

Shivang Singh

Founder & CEO

The Founder & CEO, Shivang can best be described as a visionary who recognises the need for a greener future. Futuristic in thought, meticulous in planning, and decisive in action, Shivang’s goal is to revolutionize sustainable practices across sectors. Impacto is Shivang’s venture aimed at changing the way we buy and sell, to address the urgency of global warming and push for green transformation across the world. As the brain behind the operation, he leads the team at Impacto with passion galore and resolve unparalleled.

Abhishek Gupta

Founding Associate

Abhishek Gupta is the unstoppable force that keeps the Impacto engine running. Armed with a BTech from NorthCap University, Abhishek joined the Impacto team in September 2022. With his acute business sense, a knack for sales, boundless energy and amazing work ethic, Abhishek helps us run efficiently by leading Operations. His unique ideas reveal an underlying passion for a greener world, and at Impacto, he’s doing his absolute best to help realize that dream!

Tanvi Bhanot

Founding Associate

A determined professional, Tanvi Bhanot is the Marketing and Management Lead at Impacto. Her strengths lie in the management of business relationships, the development of marketing initiatives and the inception of research projects. Using her sharp analytical skills, her strong business background and her knack for strategic thinking, Tanvi harmonizes the team's efforts and thus contributes to the company's success.

Shaurya Sighadia

Founding Associate

A dynamic thinker and born leader, Shaurya’s flair for innovation is a crucial driver of Impacto’s success. Currently pursuing a B.Tech. in Data Science, Economics & Business from Plaksha University, he has been an integral part of the Impacto team since day one. Shaurya aspires to make a meaningful difference in the world by creating an exclusive marketplace for sustainable products here at Impacto by leading the tech division. His untenable spirit makes him a formidable part of the Impacto team.

Aryaman Mittal

Business Analyst

Aryaman Mittal’s flair for marketing and business is a vital part of Impacto’s operations. As a fresh graduate in Economics from the University of Delhi, Aryaman handles the Outreach team at Impacto. His ease in understanding and analyzing marketing and business terms brings about a balance that has become essential in our business endeavours. Aryaman tailors strategies and solutions that resonate perfectly, thus cementing Impacto's position as a trusted partner in the market.

Prabal Sood

Tech Analyst

Prabal Sood, currently pursuing computer science from BITS Pilani, is a technically driven individual. As a Tech Analyst at Impacto, Prabal drives change at Impacto to transform the business into a modern one. By infusing automation and progress into every facet of our operations, he helps us run smoothly and efficiently. His knack for digital innovation is also harnessed into our marketing division. By combining his strengths, Prabal has become a key part of our organization.

Mehul Singla

Sales & Marketing Analyst

Mehul, currently a student of Economics at the National University of Singapore, is tasked with managing sales and marketing at Impacto. As an analyst working at the confluence of two of the most integral parts of our business, Mehul’s experience in data-driven campaigns helps Impacto capitalize on emerging trends to deliver our message of sustainability to a wider audience. He brings forward a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative strategy.


Digital & Multimedia Analyst

Shreyaa Srivastava is a budding marketer and storyteller from Bangkok. Currently based in Hong Kong, her finesse in strategic communication has made her a commendable social media marketer. As a Digital and Multimedia Analyst, her passion to build an environmentally friendly e-commerce platform at Impacto makes her a crucial member of the organization. At Impacto, she aims to use her skills to reach our target audience and expand the business through organic reach.

Sadhika Anand

Tech & Creatives Analyst

A young advocate for the environment, Sadhika Anand is a 17-year-old currently studying at The Shri Ram School, Aravali. Having a zeal for the environment, she intends to involve people around in making our planet simply green. Using her creativity and an acute sense of observation, she is designing the Impacto newsletter and transforming our creative division into a powerhouse of sustainable content.