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Seamlessly achieve net-zero targets with superior sustainable products and services, perfectly balancing quality, cost, and carbon footprint.

Our Offerings

Responsible Sourcing

Impacto sources the best sustainable products for your organisation for all your needs at one place.

  • Procurement
  • Merchandising & Gifting
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Green Manufacturing
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Green Tech

Impacto also helps you integrate green technologies in your business. Sustainable bio-fuels to water technologies, we got you covered.

  • Climate Solutions
  • Clean Energy
  • Clean Mobility
  • Green Construction
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Ethical Business Practices

Impacto assists you to navigate your journey to ethical business practices by providing you services customised for your needs.

  • Decarbonisation
  • ESG & CSR
  • Recycling & Waste Management
  • Impact Consultancy
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Why Source Sustainably?

Enhance Your Corporate Reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment and society. Sustainable sourcing sends a clear signal to stakeholders that you prioritize responsible business practices.

Future-Proof Your Business

As resource scarcity becomes a growing issue, businesses that source sustainably are better prepared for change. You’ll be ahead of the curve, ready to face emerging environmental challenges.

Boost Customer Confidence

More than ever, customers are choosing brands that align with their values. Show your customers that you care about the same things they do. Sustainable sourcing isn’t just ethical; it’s good business.

We Source for

For Corporates

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Transforming Corporate Supply Chains for a Sustainable Future

We empower corporates to embed sustainability at the heart of their operations. Through conscientious sourcing and green manufacturing, we morph traditional supply chains into sturdy, sustainable networks. Our use of green tech and clean energy solutions not only optimizes performance but also propels businesses towards their Net Zero targets. Upholding ethical business practices and ESG commitments, we assist corporates in honoring their social responsibility whilst fostering innovation and cost-efficiency, thus providing a balanced approach towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

For Schools

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Cultivating Sustainability in Educational Institutions

Our services for schools underscore the importance of responsible sourcing, fostering a safe and sustainable learning environment for students. From adopting sustainable packaging for school essentials to instituting effective recycling and waste management systems, we promote practices that pave the way towards a green future. Moreover, we offer consultancy in green construction for infrastructure enhancements and clean energy solutions, thereby molding an environment where sustainability is ingrained in everyday learning, inspiring students to contribute to a Net Zero, carbon-conscious world.

For Governments

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Empowering Public Sector Sustainability

We guide government bodies along the journey towards sustainable operations. Our services encompass the formulation of decarbonization strategies, execution of responsible procurement procedures, and promotion of ethical business practices. We further provide advanced solutions in green tech, clean mobility, and biofuels, facilitating public sectors to minimize their carbon footprint and attain their Net Zero targets. In doing so, we empower them to serve their communities in a manner that is not just effective and efficient, but also environmentally responsible.

For Restaurants

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Nourishing the Food Industry with Conscious Sourcing

We steer restaurants towards incorporating sustainability into their core operations. Our services include facilitating responsible sourcing of ingredients, implementing sustainable packaging solutions, and endorsing green manufacturing practices. We also champion robust recycling and waste management systems to significantly cut down on food waste. Through our impact consultancy, we help restaurants adopt clean energy and biofuel solutions, thereby ensuring not only a delightful dining experience for their customers, but also one that is consciously greener and aligned with Net Zero ambitions.

For Hotels

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Revitalizing the Hospitality Industry with Sustainable Practices

We help hotels transition to sustainable operations through responsible sourcing, sustainable packaging, and eco-friendly merchandising. Our green construction and decarbonization services aid in the creation of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly infrastructures. Furthermore, our recycling and waste management services optimize resource utilization and minimize waste, contributing to an enhanced guest experience.

Got questions? We have answers for you.

Impacto stands out from other services by tailoring our solutions to fit the unique needs of each organisation. We understand that every business has different objectives, and our team of experts will work with you to develop solutions that are specifically designed to meet your goals.

Impacto provides an end-to-end sustainable procurement solution. We help businesses identify the most eco-friendly products available, and also provide guidance on how to implement sustainable practices into their procurement processes. We provide resources such as certification services, sustainable supply chain mapping, and more, so businesses can be sure that they are making the right choices for their sustainability goals.

By partnering with Impacto, businesses can anticipate a marked reduction in their carbon footprint, fostering stronger, more responsible relationships with their suppliers, and crafting a sustainable business model that also bolsters profitability. To further drive your sustainability journey, we provide tailored reporting solutions, allowing you to monitor your progress, pinpoint opportunities for enhancements, and continually strive towards your Net Zero and carbon-specific goals.

Our team of experts will provide customised guidance to help your business build, implement, and maintain sustainable procurement best practices. We provide training and resources on topics such as sustainability certification, supply chain mapping, and other key strategies to ensure that your business is making the most eco-friendly choices.

About Us

At Impacto, we're dedicated to reinventing business interactions with our planet by facilitating the transition to Net Zero emissions. Offering sustainable sourcing solutions to companies, schools, and organizations, we empower them to make ethical, carbon-conscious decisions that yield not only financial rewards, but also contribute positively to our global climate.

For us, sustainability isn't just a buzzword — it's a commitment. By merging industry knowledge with innovative tactics, we transform traditional supply chains into dynamic, green ecosystems. From waste reduction to risk mitigation, our custom solutions drive financial efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and foster an impactful brand image. Embark on the journey with us to shape a sustainable future.

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